Metaphysical Ministry

Mechanics of Success

Psychic Success Mechanism Just as the nuts, bolts and gears work in a machine, the body has mechanical components of mind, body and spirit. The mind, body and spirit are functional units working together to create the person. To have a perfectly operating machine we...

Activity Visualization

How You See Yourself The quality of your life is affected by the way you see yourself every day. Is your life progressing or regressing? Your thinking and awareness in your mind are making or breaking your life and its potential. In the activity of your mind is the...

Beginning Positive New Patterns

Crystallization of Psychic Energy To Crystallize is to give definite or concrete form to something. In terms of Metaphysical Science and psychic energy, thoughts are energy. Patterns are a manifestation of a psychic force that is active in one’s life. Therefore, when...

Revolutionary Love

Understanding the Nature of a Problem

Understanding the Nature of a Problem To better resolve problems as they arise you must understand the nature of a problem. Everybody can understand a problem on the surface, however, few understand its psychic nature in depth. All problems have some psychological...

About Our Blog

Mystic Prayer Ministry is a Metaphysical Ministry. We believe in mystic values and accept all religions and ways of life. We believe in one God, and God does not favor one religion over another. God is love. God is light. We believe in one infinite mind that flows throughout our Universe. We don’t discriminate; believe in what you will. Believe in God, Allah, The Universe, Good-Orderly-Direction… call IT whatever you want to call it; IT is a power greater than ourselves. We don’t care what religion you follow or if you follow no religion at all. We will accept you. We do wish to help you find faith or strengthen your faith in a Higher-Power. Believe in science. What good is faith without science? What joy is science without faith? Share God’s wisdom. Be good to one another. Have faith in the unknown. God gives us all free will to choose between good and bad, between right or wrong. God is GOOD all the time. God is GOOD news for the world. Trust God. Be thankful for God. Amen.


“At Mystic Prayer Ministry we respect cultural diversity and learning about other worldly religions. We do not fight. Nobody is right or wrong. We embrace each other with kindness. Mystic Prayer Ministry is about finding unconditional love in a world where it is sometimes difficult to love. It is about good people being good people.”